Omega 3’s reduce inflammation and improve heart health. Other specific omegas are also very beneficial and included in the correct ratios in the top formulations. The best omega 3 supplements are not simply random fish oil. Our body’s biochemistry is complex and so is our need for many different nutrients. The fact is that to function optimally we need particular combinations of omegas. 

1.Omega 3’s components include EPA and DHA that are best supplied in a 3:2 ratio. 

2.Linoleic is one our bodies can’t make, a so-called “essential fatty acid.” Linoleic is an omega 6 and best included with the other fatty acids.

3.GLA or gamma linolenic acid is an omega 6 that is essential under some conditions and optimally consumed in a ratio related to the total amount of EPA and DHA. Good food sources of GLA are uncommon to the Standard American Diet (SAD) and include spirulina and borage oil. 

4.Vitamin E is actually 8 different identifiable compounds, some of which are complementary to the beneficial biological effects of EPA and DHA. 

5. Oleic acid is an omega 9 that is found in olive oil 

Meeting these optimal criteria with some familiar, but often unfamiliar foods can be done, but we find it time consuming, somewhat difficult, and more expensive.  

This optimal formulation efa (3-6-9) has done all the work for us.

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