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We have come a long way from when our ancestors searched over generations to identify foods and herbs that improved our heart health. In the 1900’s, the earliest heart medications were purified, digitalis from the foxglove plant and quinidine from Andean forest cinchona tree bark. Heart toxins were identified including mercury, cocaine, and environmental pollutants. Specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies resulting in heart diseases were uncovered, including inadequate vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, potassium and B vitamins.  Evaluations of general populations allowed some effective public health initiatives to succeed for a percentage but left many individuals behind. Physical activity was recognized as being good for the heart and blood vessels. Colored vegetables topped the list of foods identified as hearth healthy. There was unfortunately a huge misstep in placing all the blame for heart disease on saturated fat. We just didn’t know enough to allow all our energy to be focused on that ill-defined target. 

Enter the advances of this century. The human genome project revealed the blueprint for our species. Along with it came the understanding that we are all unique. Our genes vary quite a bit from person to person. We were surprised to learn they can be turned on and off. Then we were blown away by the Human Microbiome Project showing that the trillions of microorganisms making up part of our digestive system from mouth to colon are huge parts of our DNA and our health. 

Amazing techniques including NMR developed allowing us to understand that fat biochemistry is a very complex world and not just cholesterol. 

The stage for the HeartVolution is set. We are beginning to measure and optimize all the beneficial components of our biochemistry, not only with the shotgun of public health, but also with the precision of a laser for each specific human. Wow! We are seeing the root causes of all those symptoms and diseases we could never understand before. 

The HeartVolution is: 

*Optimizing our critical building blocks like Vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids

*Optimizing our microbiome with fermented foods and probiotics

*Minimizing unnecessary inflammation with our best nutritional program

*Ridding our personal environment of toxins

We continue to advocate I CAN DO:

Inflammation –cut unnecessary inflammation. It is a root cause of heart blockage. Anti-inflammatory foods and supplements can help. 

Control gut health—the microbiome science is overwhelming on this point.

Activity–any type is good. Specific programs can produce amazing results 

Nutrition–more scientific information and favorite foods are identified every day

D3 Vitamin—This critical component of out health must be optimized

Omega 3 ‘s – Must make up a major part of our fuel to build a healthy blood vessel system and indeed a healthy human. 

The HeartVolution is here!