It’s possible to slow down the aging process!

Much more is known, day by day, about the biochemical mechanisms that make up our being.  The biochemistry and biophysics involved is  basic, but the appreciation of the importance of certain reactions and how they can be enhanced is new.

Aging is an unclear term that really refers to deterioration of our optimal biochemistry. 

We have always known that some persons age more quickly than others.  One of the extremes of this proves the rule. Individuals with the Progeria condition have rapid deterioration of biochemical mechanisms due to their DNA composition.  (See Drill down 1 below)

One of the keys to this is the NAD-NADH reaction basic to our system.  

The more poor, lonely unpaired electrons circulating in our bodies, the greater the deterioration of our system. The more NAD (electron paired molecules) the better.   

More of the building blocks, such as pterostilbene and forms of Vitamin B3, result in more NAD and slower deterioration or “aging.”

More of these building blocks can be taken in through food with high amounts of the proper nutrients.  

Pterostilbene is found in almonds, blueberries and grape leaves. 

Niacin is the food source of the building blocks and in found in sweet peppers, portabella mushrooms, apricots, sesame seeds, ginger, tuna, venison and pork among many others. 

A somewhat easier way for those of us whose nutrition habits are lacking is to take purified forms of these nutrients so that the optimal effect can be achieved.  

(Drill Down 1)

This is called the Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome.  Like many medical conditions, the name says nothing about the actual root cause or remedies for the condition. The DNA in these persons is degraded rapidly such that at ages less than 10 years they have physical characteristics of the average elderly person. Certainly this is a brave group of resilient individuals, relatives and friends who work to improve this condition all the while embracing the remarkable life the present situation offers.